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I watch QVC all the time. I love Susan Graver's clothes, but she never has a tall option in her pants/jeans. Susan us tall girlls need some love!!!!
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@skig    Vendors don't participate here so its doubtful Susan would see your post.  Best to contact her on Facebook.  The more people ask, the more likely she is to do it.

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Graver said during one of the presentations that some were wanting a tall option. So she is aware. Then she pointed out the Essentials Liquid Knit which comes in three lengths.

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And her 'regulars' are pretty darn short for me and I am only 5'3"....but I do have long legs.


I never order her pants because of the short inseam....sometimes they are only 29", not regular IMHO.


Look like flood pants on me.