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Suggestion re: Cancelling an Order

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I, like many of you, have been very frustrated by the attempt to cancel an order only to be told it is in the process of being shipped and cannot be cancelled.  After only TWO HOURS of ordering it?????   Really????


Well, I have made a suggestion through Customer Service that the ordering process, via phone and online, include an added option that asks: "Do you want to wait 24 hours before processing this order? Yes  No   "


Sometimes, I order something, and then see something I'd rather have, but, like most people, I have to cancel the previous order to be able to get the other one.  When I try to cancel, however, I'm told I can't  THIS INFURIATES ME!!!  Especially when I just placed the order a few hours previously.


I've made the suggestion several times, and have not heard anything about it.  So, now I would like to write to the person in charge of the programming for the ordering process, and ask him/her specifically for this option.


In case I am denied my request for that person's name and contact address, I'm inviting all of you who would like this option made available to us to flood Customer Service with requests for it.  Perhaps that will get the appropriate person's attention!!!!


If all we do is complain to each other in these blogs, QVC is not likely to make any accommodation for those of us who want to be able to cancel something within a few hours of ordering.  I commend them for wanting to process orders quickly, to get the items delivered to the customer quickly, but I've seen items sit on my status page for days saying "In process", but it won't let me cancel those either!!!!  We have to band together sometimes to get things done.  Please, let's help each other get the option for waiting 24 hours before the order is processed.  I mean, really, what difference will one day make, if we're not in a hurry to get something???


Thank you, fellow QVC'ers, for your help!!!