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(Please forgive if I've suggested this before)


IF the Q and HSN are to survive, they may want to consider:


How about having one daily or weekly styling tip for various shaped bodies! I am "apple shaped" for example, and never hear styling suggestions specific to my shape. Your current styling tips show rail-thin models putting various accessories together with one dress (or other outfit) that's being sold. That's not doable for the "average" shopper.


If these tips were at a dependable hour or on a specific day, the viewer / shopper could truly benefit and may just spend a bit more!

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I see models of all sizes.  They are in the market of selling and not really stylists.  However, I do hear them point out that a certain item is good if you carry your weights thru the middle or in the hip area, etc.

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Have you seen this Facebook page?

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THANK YOU for the link! I will check it out now!