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I would love to see Vendors bring new items to The Q, I think there used to be more of a variety, and it appears to be getting too repetitive.   I love particular brands, ie: Northern Nights, Luminara etc.  but it'd be great to see them expand their product line.  I'd love to see wall sconces rather than another pillar or lanter, and different bedding pieces other than just sheets.  As there are many of us who are consistent QVC shoppers, we can only use so many of the same thing.     

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You might want to look online.  QVC sells much more than what is presented on TV.  


However, I agree, the repetitiveness on TV does wear thin.  

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I check the "New Today' every morning.


There are several pages of new items each day.


Air time is limited to top sellers, but I find things that never made it to air time.


With the way mfg issues are today, they are lucky to get anything out of the factory doors.

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Re: Something Different?

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Customers can only use so many vacuums, food sealers, sheets, or comfort shoes.

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I agree! It's getting boring!

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Is it me or do any of you think that name brand appliances sold are not the same as buying elsewhere. What I mean is do you think they are seconds or rejects. I recently received a dyson vacuum that I didn't think was that great like I thought and heard from others. I appreciate the time payment so I buy but just wondering 

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@ninfa Great question as I think sometimes tsv's are made just for the Q & not sold elsewhere.