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Add me to the list as well - slow shipping AND lost items.


Order placed on Oct 8 for a qty of 2 items. After waiting an entire month I get sent a box with ONE item inside. I had clearly ordered two but even the packaging slip mentioned just ONE item.


Now I have to hope they can push out the remainder of my order without double charging me, and still keep me waiting another three weeks before it either gets delivered or they send me the usual shipping delay email.

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Wait until after Thanksgiving....I am sure it will be worse.....

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I ordered something on April 29, and finally received it on May 19.  It was coming from California, I live in Arizona.  QVC was getting slower before the the corona virus thing, and now it beyond reason.  I won't be watching QVC again until they get their act together so I won't be tempted to buy anything that will take forever to get.  I've ordered things coming directly from China on Amazon that have gotten here sooner.

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I ordered five garments on May 24. those garments shipped June 11 from the East Coast to the West Coast which means probably another seven days or more. what’s funny is I have now missed both events that I wanted the garments for and by the time I receive them QVC will be taking their second easy pay. When I called to find out what the status was I was told that I would receive them by June 9 they didn’t ship until June 11 if I had known this I would’ve canceled. i’ve been seeing a lot of things that are cute and useful but I’m not ordering them because I don’t want to wait a month to get my stuff the summer season is short and I don’t want to be getting clothes that I want for the summer when I’m buying stuff for the autumn and winter I understand we have a pandemic but I’ve been getting things quicker from other locations sadly I’m not gonna be doing anything with QVC for a while because the shipping is just not even in the realm of acceptability.