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You need to give the option of choosing the size when looking for an item.  It's very frustrating to click on a clothing item only to find out it's not available in your size.  Wastes a lot of time 😟
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@Lynnmig - But you can.  Whether you choose to look by "designer" or clothing type, if you scroll down you will see a "size" box.  Click on that and select the size you are looking for.

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The only way you can find out if a clothing item is available in your size is to click on the item picture or item number.  As far as sizing is concerned, there is a size chart available when you scroll down.  Just click on the link and it will give you the garment measurements.  You just need to know your own measurements and add a maximum of four inches for the proper fit.  Not all brands have the same fit.  Some run larger and some run smaller than others. 

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I agree.  So many garmetns  are left in XXS sizes.  That just tells us that the show doesn't really understand it's customers and which sizes they need to stock more of.  There's hardly ever a ''normal'' M  L  LX  XL etc. left and There's hardly ever a ''black'' left which is another very popular thing.

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I have to accommodate a larger bust so sometimes I wear a medium and sometimes a large.