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I ordered a jacket from Lands End on Monday of last week. They used SurePost which was UPS to post office. It was in my mailbox Saturday. If I'd ordered from QVC, I probably still wouldn't have it!


If Lands End can get something to me in a reasonable amount of time using this same UPS to Post Office method, why can't QVC?

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I order quite often from Wal-Mart and they use the same shipping as the Q, Surepost. Wal-Mart processes within one day and I have my order in no longer than 3 days, usually 2 days. The tracking is always updated. And the shipping is free for orders over 35.00.


With the Q my order sits in processing for days and when it finally ships it takes at Least a week and the tracking is rarely updated. I too have had emails from the Q saying my order has shipped on the day I receive my order. I rarely get orders any more from UPS and Sure Post costs less and we are still paying the same shipping cost.

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I am having same problems order is taking 10 days to go 2 states over.  Crazy so I have been a good customer of the Q but now I think I will need to take a second look.  It might be worth paying a bit more on other site to get it here in decent time. I ordered to of the samethings just different colors within 3 minutes of each other and now when I go to tracking after 10 days one of them is starting again at the original ship place.  Not good and I hope someone is really reading these :-)  

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There is no subject choice for RETURNS" so i am adding this under shipping.  I just had to pay $10.00 to return a pair of pajamas!  That is rediculous.  I will be much more cautious when ordering from QVC ,it at all.  They are no longer a customer friendly on-line store. Will not buy clothes again, because due to their inefficiency in keeping sizes standard, it is just too expensive to have to return items that don't fit.