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Shipping Costs

I shop QVC frequently and have for years.  However I am at a point where I need to change where I purchase clothing online.  Most sites that I shop offer free shipping and a lot of them offer free returns.  Only one charges a membership fee for this service which I happily pay as the shipping is fast & free.  I cannot justify paying $3.50 per item even when ordering multiples of one item shipped in the same package and then if it does not fit paying another $6.95 to return.  I love QVC but will not pay over $10 to try something on... so will be saying goodbye to QVC fashion.  Thanks for listening!

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Re: Shipping Costs

I think that many of us are getting to the point that QVC's pricing and shipping policies are getting to be too much.  When I returned an "awful" top that had an $11.34 easy pay, and got back 89 cents, that was it for me. 

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Re: Shipping Costs

@LillieTITA,I decided fairly recently to quit paying that ridiculous amount to, basically, try something on! So I carefully choose other online retailers to shop with that have free shipping and returns! On that same note, I received a TSV presale email yesterday for a D&C shirt that now has a $5.50 S&H fee!! I do not know what that is all about, but Im not falling for it!

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Re: Shipping Costs

I look at it this way:    Gasoline is pretty high-priced in my city.....and just a quick trip to Walmart takes a half-gallon round-trip................

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Re: Shipping Costs

I only buy something unique that I can't get other places or if its a DEAL!~  otherwise I shop elsewhere.  I still enjoy watching but don't buy.