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I purchased a Shark Stick vac last June and thought I would love it because of the light weight.  The weight is great and it does a good job but it is SO NOISY!!  I really think it could damage your ears.  I called Shark but I did not get any help from them.


So, I am unable to use it because I cannot stand the noise.

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I understand your concern.  I still have an Oreck and, when I use it, I put cotton in my ears to muffle the loud noise it makes.

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I'm with you.  I just had to buy a new stick vac to replace one I loved that finally just wore out.  I got a Bissell.  It functions well, but it's so much nosier than my last one.  A very loud, high-pitched sound that's very hard on the ears.🙉🤫

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I would try out earplugs before buying a new vacuum if you're happy with it otherwise. Maybe vacuums need a decibel rating to give consumers an idea how loud they are going to be. 

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Strange.  I have a Shark stick vacuum and it is very quiet.