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Sounds like several host are doing this. Filming lots of segments to get there 40 hrs and then have time off
If she says price goes away at midnight.for her it Tues. But I am watching it on Sat night
So I don't get the good low price
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This  is the second post about the same issue with a different host.


The hosts are not filming different segments to get time off.  They are filming live, then QVC is showing " re-runs" over the late night, early morning hours on QVC, QVC 2 and 3.


I suggest you watch QVC during the regular hours between 7 am and 3 am and watch it live.  

Some prices do change. It's not a secret.


Nothing has been changed lately. It has been going on for years.

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Are you referring to Shawn Killinger and some programs are reruns just like tv in the off season

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Re: Sean at late night

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This OP clearly does not understand how Q2 is predominantly rebroadcasting, Q3 is all rebroadcasting and Q1 rebroadcasts for 4 hours daily.


They are imagining that it's all a conspiracy for hosts to get extra time off!


Real time reality orientation issues at play.


Funny.. and sad... sad funny.


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Yes you have to watch that you are not viewing a rerun of a previous show.  Or as some would say, an encore presentation.  But it is definitely not the same as regular TV programing showing repeats in the off season.  Shopping channels are a completely different animal as noted.  They probably won't have the same sizes available, free shipping may no longer be in effect, all the colors might not be still available and so on.  


So one can not compare it to regular TV shows showing a repeat.

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Don't they show onscreen that prices may have changed?

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@Etoile308   Yes, there is a little box usually on the left side bottom that explains that prices and terms might have changed.  

Often, there is a caption on the upper right hand showing that it is prerecorded and not live.