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Please QVC change your review system so only those who have purchased an item can leave a review.  The last S. Graver TSV had reviews complaining about her as well as what I think are fake reviews planted by haters who did not purchase.  How can a jacket pill when you have just got it and weather is 90 degrees all over and you never got to wear it yet.  These reviews are not helpful and are only a platform for bullying and hate.

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@toria.  You are absolutely correct but you're also beating a dead horse, so to speak.  There have been constant complaints about this situation but to no avail.  Typical QVC lack of response to  consumer dissatisfaction.  Most reviews where inappropriate comments made are not as vicious as the ones you describe.

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@toriaNot really that that much different from what I've read here for years.   So far, not one of them has convinced me that I should or shouldn't make my own judgement.    Just makes me wish we still had the ignore list!