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Shure would be nice if QVC could fix the return label issue, labels will not print, CS unable to get label either, can only send via snail mail, please get with your IT department.


Not acceptable

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@Carina  I'm certainly not an IT person, but have you tried saving it in a different format, re-printing it into a new pdf, or doing a print screen and pasting it into a Word document? Not sure if any of these ideas will work, but worth a try, I guess.

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I had the same problem.  When you try to print it says "image not available".  Its been like that all week.  Very annoying, especially since they no longer are including return labels.

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Still not fixed.  I can click on Print Label all day, and it just sits there and does nothing.  


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I had to call CS about an item I am returning and told her the problem we are all having when printing out labels and she informed me QVC is aware of this problem and they are working on fixing it..  

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Interesting, since I have been really insulted on another thread for implying that maybe I won't be getting a return label with an item Q is sending me that I didn't order. I bear the cost of returning it. 

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Makes me want to buy less if returning is a problem

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I just printed one. I need to return a pair of Anybody pants because they're too long, and there was a label in the package but the bar code didn't print well. I clicked on my order, start a return, filled in the blanks and printed it right out.

I also needed to return the Philosophy TSV and used the label in the box. 

Weird that some are not getting labels or having trouble printing, and some are not.

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I have been waiting for over a week for a snail mail return label. The email they sent me didn't show the barcode so it was useless. I called and they said it could take up to 10 days to get the label in the mail. Ridiculous. So now my credit card has already had $79 deducted because I couldn't send it back. It started because I tried to cancel the order 2 hrs. after I ordered it and they said Too Late. Boo hiss to QVC.

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Have they extended the 30 day return period due to this issue?