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Replies to Product Questions

Referring to QVC product description page.


Good customer service would be to have the vendor or staff member answering questions concerning the product, especially those of a TSV.


Often what is said on the presentations is not what is stated in the product manual. There are contradictions.


Customers respond to a question however not always with the facts and knowledge but with speculation and assumptions.


Responsbility for answering questions on the product page should be with a product representative and QVC, especially with a TSV.

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're see: Replies to Product Questions

I've seen it done with a Tracfone TSV, but not all that successfully.


 Speaking of the Tracfone, QVC sent a letter saying they had greatly exaggerated the "if sold separately" price but still felt we got a good deal.  It was the last purchase I've made from QVC, but I'm glad there are watchdog groups who spot this type of practice and make QVC come clean.

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Re: Replies to Product Questions

@chiclets Well said!  I totally agree with you.  QVC has people who (for the most part) shop with them or at least peek in.  They should listen to what everyone says, take it back and at least incorporate things into SOME of their business.

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Re: Replies to Product Questions

I agree!  Some hosts need to prepare more.  They need to concentrate on what they are selling, and far less trying to be cool, and far younger than their age.  I also prefer product information than any personal story!  One host will spend 3/4 of the product time telling stories NOBODY cares about of her travels wearing the product.  Customer Service never has any help to offer when the host fails to do their job.  Leaves me to find the info on other sites, where the item is often cheaper, and shipping will be free!  So, thank you to all the lazy hosts that save me money!  LOL!

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Re: Replies to Product Questions

On the recent TracFone TSV, there were reps available to answer questions.  I sat and read through the questions because they were so entertaining.  I've never seen a group of adults ask such stupid questions.  Most could have been answered if the customer had just watched the presentation or had bother to read the answers to other peoples' questions.  I can see why the reps might lose patience...I guess that goes with working with the public.

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