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Recommended for Me??

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Really Q?   I suggest do away with this....because I clicked on the Plow and Hearth Lunchtime special a week ago, now today, you have suggested

an illuminated mushroom for me to buy?????


So what the heck I clicked on it, why?  only 2 colors left and it's been in your system for awhile.....


If you must have this for every customer, show me what's new, not what's old


But as far I am concerned, do away with it.  It's just a computer program and there's no one behind this that truly knows me and what looks good on me.   Surely a mushroom is possibly suitable since you must believe that I'm in the dark all the time.


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I don't see what the problem is.  Amazon does this, Barnes & Nobel does this, White Flower Farm does this.  I always get "recommended for you" messages.  These are just the vendors that come to mind right now.  I'm sure there are others.

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if anyone thinks those recommended items are things they MUST buy, they have different issues that have nothing to do with QVC. Do you access your local newspaper online? Chances are there are advertising banners with products that just coincidentally are items you browsed recently.  Every retailer, every Internet site you go to does this, not just QVC.  


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I agree with OP.    They imply the items are chosen based  on my buying history (simiar to other shopping sites), but they often are not.  They are probably just random, or what Q wants to push that day.

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I don't believe that those "items for you" are picked just for you...they are likely chosen for everyone. They might be based on your search history but I doubt it. QVC recommended a computer for me...I never look at QVC's tech junk online.

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Yes, please do away with this feature.  Your home page is much too crowded as it is and I do not want these "recommendations" which are useless (I've gotten recommendations on things I already own from QVC, among other nuisance recommendations). 


You need to make your home page easier to read, and eliminating some of this useless clutter I'm not interested in is a good place to start.

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I think they should stop putting that on their webstite.  I never even look at what they recommend for me.  I know they get it from my browsing history.