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Read Reviews

I wish the powers-that-be would read the reviews that people leave on their products. I left a review on the Calista tool because it stopped working after three months. When you read the reviews for the product there are lots and lots of people with the exact same problem and yet they still sell the item. Or, Here's a thought, make the vendor take responsibility when their product stops working and they want $20 who to send back a defective problem and they'll send you a new one
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Re: Read Reviews

Calista products are not what she says they are  - she is too busy bringing out new products rather than making sure the ones she has invented really work - they never work the way she says they will.  Don't waste your money. 

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Re: Read Reviews

I saw those reviews on the perfector and I was pretty aghast.  I love the perfector, have been using it for years and I actually purchased this TSV to keep as a 'backup'.  but then I hear that it is breaking on people.  that is not right, they should do a recall and replace known defective ones like other companies do when there is a major maufacturing problem (e.g. cusinart just did it with their food processor blades).  It is the right thing to do.