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Angel I love the 5 pocket bootcut jeans they are the only jeans I wear! I've had colon cancer 2 times and it was melanoma but I've been cut all over my tummy area I need these jeans they don't hurt my tummy where I hurt so bad! Why can I not get them in my size they've been out a long time!!!! Please r u gonna have them again and if so when? Have they been discontinued or are u changing vendors? 

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try ebay. sorry for your medical issues. stay strong.

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I don't think Angel will see this here. If you contact her on Facebook she will answer. They had 5 pocket jeans on the Thursday show. I don't know what size & color you are looking for but they had a ton of colors.

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@Touncie A236492  "as is" on sale.....of course colors and sizes are limited.  Just thought you may want to check and see if your size might be available.  Great price, good luck.


Wishing you better health in 2018!!!!

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They had them on sale yesterday. Unfortunately they were limited in sizes and colors. I’ve been waiting to order a couple of pair since the summer and the stock doesn’t seem to have been replenished.  I’m hoping they will bring them back soon with same fabric and style and fit.  I hope they don’t screw them up with a less than quality pant 

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I agree. Contact her through the FB page, I did once and got an answer very quickly.  I imagine being the end of the year, they would not have been adding any inventory anytime right now. Good luck and be well!

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Contact her on Facebook. I recently asked what size she was wearing on air, she answered me right away & also just wished me Happy Birthday. She is 1 vendor who WILL answer when asked anything.