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It would be nice to see shows on QVC2 that aren't in the same category of those airing at the same time on QVC.
For instance, if I'm not interested in kitchen shows, I will tune in to see what's on QVC2. More often than not it's another cooking/kitchen show.
Just a thought.....
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Re: QVC2 airings

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Yes, I agree.  Last week I saw the same show airing on the main QVC channel and on one of the others.  I can't imagine why they'd do that; someone may have been asleep at the wheel.



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Most of the stuff is sold out anyway so watching is futile.  They must re-run ITKWD a hundred times during the following week.

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i just haven't found any reason to waste my timing watching QVC2. Almost seems kind of pointless to me.  But then, again, so much of TV these days is re-runs, why should Q be any different, I guess.

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I watch five shopping channels, so its hard for me to duplicate a show on Q2 or Q3.  And for the same reason it doesn't bother me that midnight and beyond is taped.  I also sandwich in a lot of news, too.   

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The smile is because there are only 48 days until Spring! Another reason to smile is that QVC 2 is returning to live broadcast starting tomorrow at 1:00 PM EST. I am pleased to be kicking it off with 3 great hours of Spring plants and outdoor accessories featuring Roberta's flowers, Cottage Farms and Barbara King! We have snow on the ground here in PA but join me for some Spring time fun.
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I don't get QVC2 on Xfinity, so I cannot see it.  And - I live in the same county that QVC is located - Chester County, PA!   You would think we could see it.  I know you can watch it on-line, but I just don't watch it.