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Do you not understand that the importance of listening to your customers? There are many long established companies that took their eye off the ball and are no longer relavant to retail any longer. 


1. Most of my shopping with the Q is on line so the longer you can keep me on your site the more you have my shopping attention. Your chat board was popular and it kept customers occupied on your site. It drove me crazy to hear all the posts about hosts "having work done" or a host boyfriend and on and on. But you don't get it. It is just the nature of your business. 


Your customers want the sites for games, books and popular brands. Are you listening? We do want monitoring of profanity and politics so thank you for keeping discussions up to community rules.


2. Your shipping charges are out of line with other on line retailers. Enough has already been said on this.


3. You are the only on line retailer that I shop with that does not offer buying incentives such as specials, coupons, free shipping. Your clearance prices, TSV prices, specials are just not competitive.


4. Your merchandise is not special anymore. You take  good products like Wen or Dyson and over expose your customers to the point of them just not wanting to visit your "store". Customers want fresh, new, merchandise that he/she can get excited about and purchase. 


5. Your hosts are professionally trained media sales people so retrain them to find a balance of socializing with the customer but give relavant information about the products. 


6. Establish a way to get feedback from customers. Many companies I shop with regularily ask me "How was your experience shopping with us?" 


7. Start listening to your customers or you will be talked about in the same sentence as JCP.

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Granddi -  you made some excellent observations and suggestions!  I really focused on number five and number six.  So often, QVC hosts cross that "professional" line with viewers --- sales person

 vs. best friends.  I also don't know many companies that don't request and pay attention to feedback from customers.  Thank  you for saying it all.....

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Granddi, no disrespect to you or your fine OP, but I still go back to the same thing -- they ARE listening to the customer; the customer that votes with their dollars.  Someone somewhere must be buying this stuff -- by "stuff" I mean the experience of QVC.  If it was not selling, Q would not be making money.



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I'll chime in here too.  Something I think this site needs to really pay attention to is the sizing issues that have arisen in the last couple of years.  They tell us to get out the tape measure, measure ourselvs HONESTLY which I would have to say I hope many of us have.  Nothing has changed on the Q end I have to assume. So why are SO many of us complaining about the differences between what USED to be "our" size? Many of us like an item so much that we order it in different colors.  We get them home and we find one item fits but the other does not.  We hold the items up to each other and find they do not match each other in size.  I don't understand this and I am quite sure many other shoppers don't understand this either.  What ever happened to Quality control the the Q talks about? 


Then we as shoppers get griped and HAVE to return items that do not fit like they should.  We buy clothing from the few lines of vendors who remain here because we decide we like something and want it only to get it home and find that it doesn't fit at all like it should.  And we hear at least once a day, if we don't love it, send it back, no questions asked.


Then the Q gets griped at us because we return too many items.  And then they start 'researching' us, what we buy, how much we buy, how much we return and then what happens?   THE DREADED LETTER comes to us via the mail spouting out statistics and percentages on our shopping & return habits.  Telling us if we don't stop returning items, they're going to close our account. Seriously??!!  You're kidding right?  How many employees does the Q have who do nothing but keep stats and research each and every one of us on our shopping habits?  How many of us have received this letter?  Do you keep stats on this too? Let me repeat, we hear at least once a day that if we don't love it, return it, no questions asked.


If you really expect us to love and keep AND WEAR (at least) clothing items, DO YOUR JOB WITH YOUR SO-CALLED QUALITY CONTROL.  Make real sure those seamstresses in China, Vietnam, Indonesia make all clothing items the same size ie ALL Xsmalls to be the same, ALL large items to be the same size and so on.  It is VERY disheartening to order 2 XSmall of Renee's TSV open cardigans, mark them each xsmall only to find one fits like a traditional xsmall and the other fit like XXSmall.  If I wanted one xs and one xxs I clearly would have ordered them this way. And for the record, yes I have decided to keep them.


V for value - I expect to get a good value for MY money if I'm orderng an item.  Don't tell me that I'll never find this good a bargain exactly like this item elsewhere when honestly I CAN indeed find it elsewhere FOR LESS money, NO tax, AND NO shipping/handling. 


It used to be fun shopping here on this site but there are SO many vendors especially for fashions that have gone by the wayside.  Many of us are so tired of the same old clothing vendors, their wears haven't changed, same styles, same fabrics, no style in what they offer AND have certainly priced themselves out of my market at least.  It's amazing the vendors on at least 2 other sites (and you know who they are) who offer tons of vendors to choose from, and tons of styles, price points, offer better easy pays, offer coupons, offer LOTS of FREE shipping/handling.  Many of us have gone back to shopping the old fashioned way - going into brick and mortar stores and enjoying what we find - to try on making sure we love it, that it fits, all with NO shipping/handling.


All my opinion with what I find here but I'm betting there are at least a few shoppers who would agree with much if not all.  Thanks for letting me chime in.

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granddi and pink dogwood,


Nicely said.   Thank you.

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Yay! Yay! Yay! You said exactly what I wanted to say!!! When I come to these boards I get great ideas on what to buy. I hate these boards now. The page constantly jumps when I look around. My feeling? Some young manager was told to change the board and he did so to stay relevant to QVC. My husband, who is high up in the computer industry, has told me this new layout is JUNK. I believe him. Just who is sailing this ship?
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Cat LOL ITA but...Not quite in the same sentence as...JCP Offers %-Off & Coupons. 

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I only jump on these message boards once in a blue moon, out of curiosity on a TSV or product, because I'm admittedly not interested much in the banter.  But wow Granddi hit every note, spot on!!   So i felt compelled to say NICE JOB on that post !


I too, mostly go online only, just to shop, period.  I find all the socializing and personal lives about the hosts and vendors, somewhat annoying - it's like if you have the channel on, you are forced to listen to it whether you like it or not.  But i understand customers like engaging in all that, and for some reason feel some kind of personal connection.  I'm not interested in hosts' or guest's personal lives.  I'm here to shop, in the interest of saving time and effort, away from stores and malls.   I've branched out to other online retailers recently, which saves me time, effort, AND money !!


But the absolute best point you made is that the merchandise is just not special or interesting anymore.  Absolute overkill on just a few brands.  Same 'ol same 'ol.  It's like "Ground Hog Day".  But the prices are not same 'ol same ol' same 'ol.  When I do see something I like, I google it - and I'm amazed at how much cheaper i can find items - and with free shipping


On the other hand, QVC reaches 100 million homes.  So if my spending decreases, someone else sure is buying.  They are indeed, still enjoying huge profits!

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Did someone Mention a Blue Moon...NJ TomKat you got one TonightCat LOL

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Well according to most of the posters on these forums, no one buys or watches so this is not a customer base.



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