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Please bring back the hosts’ names on the program guide. Thank you.

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I second [and third] that suggestion!

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@Thundar  It seems to me sometimes they don't have a host name because the vendor is the "host." I don't watch the fashion, beauty and jewelry; but with the home, garden and cooking, when I don't see a program host listed I'm thinking the vendor (like Barbara King or Roxanne and Larry from Ultimate Innovations) are going to be the hosts - to save money, I guess. Hard to get used to...

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I've had to remember who hosts which show. For example, "Fashion's Night In" is always hosted by the same host so I don't watch, which is disappointing. On QVC2, they have a lot of shows without a host entirely. Sort of makes me think they're winging it. 

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I was wondering if they're afraid we will avoid shows hosted by someone we might prefer not to watch!!!!