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Enough with the Pop Ups.  I have seen Kim Gravel in every show.

Gets in the way of items being presented.

How Rude!!

QVC and HSN are trying hard to get rid of customers.

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Please search for the numerous posts on this topic. There are ways to eliminate them. 

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I agree with @deeva 


Lots of pop blockers out there and many are free...if you search previous threads.


However, I'd get used to it.


Tons of sites use them, it is the new 'marketing' gimmick.


You want to order with pop ups!


They are not going to stop cuz they annoy us...I would betcha research shows people DO order from them!

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Hate the "Hurry, close to sellout" popups on EVERYTHING.

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I hit the exit on my remote. It is soooo annoying.  Another reason not to watch QVC