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As soon as I put something in my cart - I mean seconds after- the pop up “Going, Going......”
appears! We have an hour to check out! This is so annoying! Stop it QVC!! You’re losing long- time (30 years!) customers!
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I've noticed that, too.

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@Msquared  I ignored that little "pop up" when I tried to order a pair of shoes that I really wanted. I remember thinking, 'yeah...right.' I put them in my shopping cart and continued shopping, and basically just took my time. When I went to check out, they were gone...sold out.


So, sometimes I think it's a helpful pop up - especially if it's something you really want/need. 😀

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For me it Pops Up if I even look at a particular item, don't even have to add to cart.

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I hate them!!