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Please Shawn......

{#emotions_dlg.crying} I'm all for holding onto your youth -- but when you're clinging to your teens it's time to take a look in the mirror and choose a more current decade. I'm not sure what you were thinking wearing that skirt last night during the Isaac show -- were you channeling Blossom or perhaps Punky Brewster? You looked as though you grabbed the last thing you left in the dryer last night before you ran off to work. And the leggings under the skirts look? Honestly -- try a new decade. Heck the white lipstick went out of style years ago --- on several occasions -- I remember it going out of style in the 60's when I was in MY 20's. Perhaps it's your attempt to attract a younger viewing audience to QVC -- I'm not sure. You need give your guests a chance to speak - the incessant interruptions are a distraction to me the viewer. We know you're turning 40 this year --- let's give a shot at behaving it. I'll say this -- I do think that the pairing of you and Rick is a good idea -- there are times it's fun -- but my belief is the pairing is QVC's attempt at mentoring for you. I won't be watching shows as you being the solo host -- Rick please give her some pointers!!

Thank you.