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I couldn't agree more with all who have posted. Martha Stewart's show from her barn was a great example of good programming. Lisa Robertson used to do a special each Christmas and the items often sold out before I could write the item number down.

Each host's gift list this year has been the same stuff they have been selling all fall. And who wants to give or receive a vacuum cleaner for Christmas?

The VPH shows earlier in the season were interesting and quite a few on my list will be receiving something from her.

Stale is a good word for the current state of QVC offerings.
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I have been reading the same complaining for a long time.  I don't think anything is going to change.  I had it on all morning while doing other things.  Out of 4 hours all I saw for 3 1/2 was the cups they are selling as a TSV.  They are causing people to turn off their Tv's.

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I totally agree with you. It's the same old garbage all the time, nothing new but once in a blue moon. You would think that they would present new items every week since they have thousands of them on their web site, but oh no, instead we get Lock&Lock, Cheryl's Cookies, Kuhn Rikkon, Vitamix and KitchenAid. Don't get me wrong, I am sure these items are good but I want to see some new stuff! How about it QVC, show us what you got in your arsenal, all the things you have got tucked away that nobody ever gets to lay eyes on. ITKWD is getting very stale, just like an old loaf of bread that gets thrown out if it's no longer any good. People will start tuning out of your shows if you don't make some changes pretty soon and I will be one of them.