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I understand the financial success QVC has had. The reason the run and rerun certain products all the time must be because these are sure money makers BUT .... it’s becoming very boring and predictable TV.
I used to ADORE the holiday season with QVC in the background. I do most of my shopping through QVC.
This year is just FLAT.
I either own everything they sell, or they aren’t developing new vendors.
ENOUGH Josie Maran, ENOUGH Breezies ENOUGH Cheryls ... and is that one Gingerbread baker the only interesting Christmas treat you can find in the WORLD every Christmas?

The international CHOCOLATE show was at Jacob Javitz in NY this past week. Unbelievable products (not only edible). They had hot chocolate machines, and other specialties from around the world.

Similarly, when Martha did her Christmas special from her Barn in Bedford .. everything sold out in minutes.

Your staff has to get on these trade shows and bring us some new and exciting products.
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I agree and next year it will be more of the same. What's left to buy at this point? Nothing I want. 

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Maybe the "new and exciting" vendors are doing just fine by themselves, and don't want to share a chunk of profits with QVC.

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I agree that diversity in products and shows can really excite the viewer!


I certainly enjoyed SHOP HQ the past few days when they were traveling throughout the United Kingdom and featuring shows and products from England and Scotland.


I might not buy a teakettle in the shape of a train, but it sure is fun to see!


Also, the castle settings were to die for!

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There are hundreds of great products on line that never see the light of day.  So tired of the same old products and clothing lines.

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Shows are stale, too.  Nothing new at QVC.

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I agree 100% and have stopped tuning in looking for gifts this year. Just WAY too much FLUFFY! Throws, throws, every designer and brand on top of Berkshire...fluffy, fluffy...just way too overdone. I know the channel siezes on the latest trend and runs it until it dies but this seems excessive, even for the Q! Fluffy tops, socks, shoes, blankets, jackets, coats...miss the diversity of the old days. Am happy with my local Tuesday Morning, Marshalls and outlet mall this year.

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I agree. When I see some shows or products coming up and just tune out. How much Josie Maran can we buy?

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Let's face it, QVC has become synonymous with stale.
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Q has lost it's  charm. TSVs are not exciting and offered presale and aftersale. I used to delight in finding something new and inovative that I couldn't find elsewhere. Lately it seems every time I check in ,channel surfing I see the same stuff over and over. TSVs go on and on. Every time I hear the  hosts bragging about kids and what they did and do and said , I am outta there. Sets are not special and from what I have read  here ,getting raggedy  and dirty.  


I know things change but something needs to turn around here after all those years. I like to see products demonstrated,  displayed and worn tastefully, decoration ideas. Hosts used to give specific measurements and Q even had their own ruler.