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In the past I have requested and OVAL 6-8 (preferably 8) qt. pressure cooker be offered.  I noticed in the email that I received for Comfort Cooking Day there is a "NEW" 8 QT.  CE pc listed but once again it is round.  To the "powers that be" at QVC, please get us an oval pressure cooker!!!!

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I think that technically an oval pressure cooker might be hard to do.


could be wrong

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I think the cooker would be hard to seal. 

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@Nuttmeg wrote:

I think the cooker would be hard to seal. 

@Nuttmeg, why do you think an oval pressure cooker would be hard to seal? 


I have two oval cookers and they seal as effectively as the round ones.  They also have the added advantage of being able to cook a whole chicken or a roast and being able to lift it out more easily.

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