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@Catastrophe wrote:

Qvc bosses if you are encouraging please stop making the hosts  for example (Kerstin) do all the loud screaming and yelling and jumping all over the screen.
Saturday's morning show was a screaming match even the vendors representative joined in.  

Screaming, yelling and acting like they are on drugs.

What's that all about????  


Yes, I did turn it off........Not a selling feature for me.





@Catastrophe.  The "QVC bosses" to whom you plea, will never see your complaint here.  This board is ignored b6 the Qs management.  If you seriously and justifiably want to complain, you can do so by calling or writing here.  There is no email address.



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I can't watch her or Alberti. She thinks too much of herself and he is as annoying as she is. He pushes and talks when he shouldn't. Too bad the good hosts that told you about the product calmly are all gone.
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Totally agree.  I made a similiar statement a few days ago about a presenter and they deleted it.  So at least you get to say something and we can agree.  The powers that be should listen to their customers I would think

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And, precisely why I no longer watch.


Money I might have spent here is being spent elsewhere.  


My Q card gathers dust.  Nothing changes.  Ok, I guess they can manage.