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Most of the new shoes have a padded collar around the top of the heel.  I discovered the hard way that it doesn't matter that it's padded, it hits my ankle bone causing it to bleed very quickly.  I recently purchased a pair of Clarks Cloudsteppers and after wearing them once, took them to a shoemaker to see if the collar could be removed.  He tried but I had to throw the shoes away.  I noticed a few other customers had the same experience.  My point is that people that aren't bothered by it probably wouldn't miss it and the rest of us could enjoy some ot the new styles if they didn't have the collar.  Thankfully, I have a large shoe collection so if I'm not able to buy new ones, it's all good.

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@batty bj     That is EXACTLY why I only wear "slides".   Even a "sling back" is in the wrong place for me (!!)    di

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I find this to be true most times as well @batty bj . And some of the shoe designers make these pads to thick they make you go up half to whole size just to fit. Not good.

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I stopped buying shoes from QVC because they are often ill fitted. I'd rather go through the bother of trying them on at a store than to have return shoes to QVC.

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Not one "shoe designer" is ever going to see this.