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Why wont QVC offer a line of non leather handbags? They are lighter, less expensive, and for Vegans, the only type they will carry.  I dont understand the reticence! 

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It's not financially feasible for them to sell inexpensive plastic handbags.  They make much more profit from more expensive leather bags for the air time expended.

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Actually, the Lug brand line is not leather and they seem to sell very well. Also, a long time ago, they sold a line called Kathy Van Zeeland and they were not leather bags. They always sold out. Interesting thought since they have been down that road already.

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As i  have aged....the leather purses are just too heavy for me.....but i have been able to order from QVC either Kipling, or Lug microfiber bags and they have worked out great....and last much longer then the faux leather bags.................

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Q also carried (spelling) Tangelena bags and that's what I use daily instead of 2 over expensive Dooneys up in the closet.  Didn't buy my "T" from Q - but love the style (east west) lightweight and doesn't look like a horse feeding bag.  "T" is soft - leather or not I really don't know.  Bought 2 - black & brown  Under $100 as I recall.  Love it

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I will go through faux leather handbags and shoes in one year, they just do not hold up. I like Lug, but the bag I use all the time looks shabby already and I have it maybe a year. I did buy another one of the same bag in a different color, simply because it's light weight, I'm not vegan.

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qvc does carry non-leather lines.  lug and vera bradley come to mind.  i buy a lot of lug.

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I buy Kipling bags, Qvc has them.  Nylon, lightweight and wear like iron.  Great quality zippers, machine washable.


Sorry,  but fake leather (polyurethane) bags are IMO just terrible.  How the material falls apart and peels from just sitting on a closet shelf is a true scientific mystery.

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The older I get, the more I like leather and lighter weight.  I have a few Brahmin bags that go back many years and they're much lighter than Dooney and most other brands.  I don't buy a lot of bags.   The one I'm carrying now is 5 years old and cost $185.  That's <$50 per year.  

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I usually switch to Vera Bradley bags for spring and summer, they are very lightweight since they are fabric. I would always carry a fabric bag rather than a plastic or vinyl bag. I always carry a leather bag in fall and winter. It is amazing to me that QVC has sold synthetic leather bags that were priced as if they were leather. Smh.