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I think a curly hair (specific) line would be loved by so many women with curly hair.  Could you please try and find one that is high quality. You would be surprised how fast it would be purchased 

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Ouidad is for curly hair.

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I use Ouidad gel for my curly hair.

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Re: New hair idea

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Personally, I'd love that; I think that is a great suggestion @pms24-7 . It would be nice to see an entire line that works for curls (as there are so many products/steps needed to keep our curls looking their best).

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Re curly hair. I have wavy hair and when I want it curlier or more defined I use the Deva Curl line. It is lovely..not stiff and smells good. It used to be salon only but it is available now on the net.

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Carol's Daughter is great!  you can find it at Target.