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Please go back to the prior version. There are multiple issues (starting with this: I should need to express intent to get video playing. Why on earth would this be default when you know people are using their devices while watching TV? So now I'm watching a presentation while I have the presentation on my tablet? This is crazy.) But most important is this: especially at this time of year I'm not sitting at home watching QVC all day -- I got work to do. But I did like the ease of checking what had been on air with one or two clicks. Now trying to see what's been on is ridiculously complicated, made worse by the constant distraction of the background video.


I prefer to use you for my holiday shopping, but I need to do my holiday shopping at speed. Complicate my life, and I'm off to Amazon.

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Re: New digital app is terrible

I never use the apps.  I go to my internet and bring up the site itself on my tablet.  The apps are worthless.