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I appreciate Q wanting inclusivity but where are the petite models?? Im an XXS but Im 5'3. Katia is no help to me.  If Courtney K wears something I can get an idea but she can't model everything. We need petite models too, that would be really inclusive! 

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Re: Need some Petite Models!

Agree. But not everyone is xxs.  I wear a Petite 8 or Petite Small  It am only 5'1".  I look at Petite models and picture it even longer on me.  I think Jane T. is 5'1" also so I often look to her for sleeve length. If she has sleeves pushed up, I know it will be too long on my short arms and that drives me crazy.

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Re: Need some Petite Models!

Not only petite but I'd unlike to see average height models of 5'4", 5'5", 5'6". Most people are not 5'9" like the majority of models. 

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Re: Need some Petite Models!

I see TONS of petite models!  They can't possible match us all!


Let's face is IMPOSSIBLE to get all our body types represented!!!


I am short...but I don't wear petites...I have NO waist line...shaped like a tree trunk.

Super short waisted but very long legs...


Where's my duplicate?


That's why I like it when hosts AND models wear the clothes...the more body shapes the better chance we have of seeing someone that remotely resembles us.



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Re: Need some Petite Models!

I thought "Amy S." was the official QVC Petite Model? Smiley Tongue

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Re: Need some Petite Models!

Yes, Amy is. On a different note she may be the only host that looks good in Logo fashions Smiley LOL