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With the holidays in full swing now I would like to see more jewelry shows. The other shopping channels have a lot more shows than QVC. I know gold has gone up but even so I would like to see what they have to offer. I do like to treat my daughter every year to something special. Thanks.

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I actually thought the DESTINATION GOLD show this morning had some nice pieces, but I'm from the era when Qvc used to publish gram weights. I'll go back and see if there were any gram weights in this show.

It was n at 4 am too so I don't know how many viewers were watching.

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@recipeholic  You should try watching the LC (Liquidation Channel) if you have it on your TV system (I have AT&T).  If not, they have a website too. There very often are online coupons there (anywhere from 15-30% off). They make thier own jewelry, and even some of the jewelry you see on other shopping channels.  Their prices are usually a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere, and shipping is 2.99 on everything.  I can't tell you how much I have bought from's obscene!

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I agree with OP.  I would also like to see more fine jewelry shows.  I know that jewelry can be expensive, but so are the endless shows of electronics, many of the skin/beauty products, beds and other items QVC shows.  The difference to me though, is that jewelry lasts a lifetime, unlike those other items.  I think jewelry is nice to give/receive for Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions.

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I really miss the great costume jewelry shows they used to have with Joan Rivers and Kenneth J Lane and the like.  Not just because they were entertaining, but because of the great costume jewelry they showed that I could be proud to wear.  Seems as though QVC has really turned more towards just showing us costume jewelry (like Logo and Graver) only in the context of it being worn with clothing they are selling.  


I would love for QVC to start up an essentials line of costume jewelry or accessories or some such where we look just at how to freshen what we already have with a few key pieces of jewelry or some such each season.  

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The Q did have shows from  BAUBLE BAR and STELLA & DOT. I haven't seen them since. If they didn't bring in "big bucks", the Q isn't interested even if WE are.