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I watched most of the Luxhair shows this past week with Sheri Shepard & hosts. While being entertaining with all the comic humor, the hosts job was to SELL. As a buyer, I was there to BUY. There was so much joking about other things, it left little time for specifics. I waited through several show hoping they would show the dark brown or brown with gold wig on a model. Seems the colors talked about the most were red hues, grays, ombré! On one show, the host was wearing a brown shade, but never said the color. There was a wig in front of her on the table, but again, no mention of color. Later, a model with a brown wig was next, but Sheri wanted to move on to her "gray" model. Grrrr! Yes, I know they have a color chart, but the colors look so different from a small swatch! Wigs are much more personal than a sweather when it comes to colors. Please ask the hosts to make sure they mention what colors are being worn & focus on all colors. So bottom line, I was ready to buy, but without the information I was hoping to find, I walked away.   😡