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I keep checking and hoping Lug will bring back the smaller Carousel bag in lots of new colors as I love mine and everything I need fits into the multiple pockets.  I do not like medium or big bags.

I even own a Dooney & Bourke Bitsy bag, that's how much I like smaller bags.

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I have 1 lug small crossbody bag and I Love it.  The days of me carrying large bags are OVER.  I too wish they would come out with  smaller bags.  I do love watching their shows though.


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I am also a LUG NUT but for the Carousel XL. Not all that much bigger in size. I have both but found myself always reaching for the XL. I contacted the web site and they answered me, saying stay tuned in June.  More colors. We will see---

Have an excellent day!


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I love the Carousel bag also, I have 3 and they are just big enough for what I need. I have tried other styles for other occasions but the Carousel is the best for every day.