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Is it me or all the top are getting longer And Expensive.  I can almost wear them as a dress.  I'm Short So They look redicous.  Please Shorten the tops.  Also. 

What Ever happened to sport savy?  the material was quality and 

lasts forver  You used To get some real bargains but not anymore at  the Q.  most of the new brands the material is so thin and the quality is poor.  I never stop for clothing any more.





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Kind of ironic because I see a lot of nice dresses that are so short they could pass as long tops. Probably this too shall pass. 

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Sport Savy was part of the D&C family.   I love the perfect jersey fabric and don't find the tunic tops too long and I'm 5 foot 2.

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I am 5'2"  also...and i find 99% of them are too long....i have to go looking in the older stock to find most shorter tops ( i have actually had much more luck at these past two years) ...i think it is all about how you are built....some petites can sometimes carry the longer tops..other petites can't...

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Tops way too long for me. I’m 5’7” but very short waisted. Why is everything tunic length-that’s retail. Take a trend and beat it to death.

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I'm long waisted and think there are too many short tops.  LOL.  SS has been gone about 12 years.  Could even be a couple more.

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I agree that too many tops are too long.  At 5'7" I like a mid-hip length with no fanny flap.  Slightly longer in the back is all right but now the back of the garment is so much longer than the front it looks odd...many times you see the ugly underside of the fabric with seams exposed.  Not happy with that look.  I wish there would be one line that does not jump on the fashion band wagon and would emphasize classic cotton rich items.  All lines now look alike with the same colors from denim and co to Halston.

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I LOVE the long tops, and hope they never go out of style. My backside looks much better with a tunic covering it at all times!!

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I need long tops to cover tummy issues after years of babies, military service, and many surgeries...I never buy tops under 27 inches! There are plenty of short tops offered, I know because I never buy them 

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Just thought I should chime in here.  I am 5' tall, but a 1x.  Most of the tunics are 32-34' long.  They are a dress on me.


Have never totally understood why things keep getting longer as the size is longer.  Also tired of designers saying this length is fine and there is no need for a petite in the tops.  That is sometimes because they are either looking at a very tall model, or a petite height model who is wearing an "xxs" small.  Of course it may not be too long on her; it is 2-3 inches shorter than my size.


Sorry for the ranting but really is frustrating.