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I an so sick of Logo, Graver and Denim&Co.  QVC needs to update their fashion line.

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Not buying LOGO any longer. It is same old same old and overpriced. Tired of Susan Graver too. I did notice that the DuJour label is making a comeback on QVC. I also see Motto on HSN. The merchandise for both of them was good quality & reasonably priced. Agree with customers’ opinions on clothing merchandise that there needs to be a return to better quality and for consistency in sizing across all brands.
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Remember when QVC had actual designers? Some of the clothes were relatively expensive but they demonstrated craftsmanship and originality. Mark Bower, Chloe Dow, Christian Siriani, anc others. As far as I can see, they only sell house brands now.

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Logo is great!  Amy was the one and only BEST Logo host, with Lori.  Shawn doe not appear to be that Logo gal".  I am so bored with her, went to bed last night. I would usually watch until Midnight!!!!  I would BET Logo sales will be WAY DOWN, with Shawn as the Host!!!

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Not a fan at all of the Logo line.  Just doesn't suit my style. I do notice that when there is a clothing TSV, that "designer's" clothes are featured on the Lunchtime Specials.

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I am not a LOGO fan, but I took a chance on her boyfriend jeans and even though I did not want to spend 80 bucks, the jeans are the best. I just ordered another pair because I'm afraid they will not be available again after they sell out. JMO, but Shawn is going to sink that show, she is not believable. Poor Lori.

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Logo's clothes always look like you got dressed in the dark. 

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@hsawaknow wrote:

Logo's clothes always look like you got dressed in the dark. 

And if you did get dressed when it's light, you OBVIOUSLY don't own a mirror! Woman LOL

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I do not buy Logo anymore, I think this clothing line looks sloppy, something dangling here and something dangling there. Also, the same inventory comes back year after year and usually with a higher price than the year before. Plus most items are priced way too high. I had taken my Logo items I purchased 2- 3 years ago and have hardly worn, to a resale shop. These items never sold and finally the resal shop gave them away as a charitable donation.

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I happen not to like LOGO...just do not watch the programs when featured or on air....there are other brands that work for my lifestyle....