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Lock & Lock presentations should include measurements

I just watched the presentation for the 4 tall holiday gift containers.  They said it is too tall for most microwaves.  They should have shown or said the measurements.  They are not in the details either and many people have already asked the question.  

I see this question a lot and don't understand why this information wouldn't be included in every presentation.  

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Re: Lock & Lock presentations should include measuremen

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Yes, please do this! Giving just the capacity description only tells me how much it will hold inside the piece. Actual measurements, height, width, length and/or diameter gives me a better visual and tells me how much space it's going to take up in my fridge or pantry. That is the deciding factor for me on whether or not I'm going to spend my $$ on it. 
I can understand not giving individual measurements on air due to time constraints but they could at least give the actual measurements in the item description. They're very inconsistent about doing that. 

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Re: Lock & Lock presentations should include measurements

I've been saying this for a long time.  There are some LL items I would buy, but not going to buy them, find they don't fit my space and have to pay to send them back.

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Re: Lock & Lock pre@ntations should include measurements

@Trtrtrtrtrtrtetetete - I have requested L&L measurements several times and rarely do they include them in the description.  It's nice to have the capacity but we need to know if we have cabinet space to store them and cup size doesn't help!