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Items Recently on Air Suggestion

I am not sure if the right party might read this, but it truly is a suggestion.

I often check out the category Items Recently on Air to see what I missed.

Would it be possible to note there, on the clothing items, if an item is available in Petite sizing?  I only order Petite and its too time consuming to click on every item mentioned in that show to see if Petite is offered.  

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Re: Items Recently on Air Suggestion

I agree!  I've made that suggestion before as would be so helpful !


"Also avail in Petite"

"Also avail in Talls"


Need a link so you can click right to it.


They do now have that "More colors are available" 


That is very helpful since I may not like the color shown and won't click on every single item to see if it is avail in other choices.