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It's only 3hrs.

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I think we are stuck with the AM reruns. My resolution is to only shop on free shipping days. I tend to think QVC raises some prices on those days - but I might be paranoid! My first purchase of 2020 happened yesterday and the item was on sale with no S&H.

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If you are watching QVC 24 hours a day....perhaps you might see a rerun....but most people do not watch  QVC 24 hours a day and reruns are no problem. 



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@AuntG ,  lately I've had a hard time finding something to buy on the free ship days.

I don't see prices rise for those days, but I go thru my Wish List and find what I want is sold out.

     😕 Just as well, I guess.

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   Agree, @SeaMaiden !

I use the program guide and only watch QVC when I'm actually interested.


For 'background noise' to sleep to, I have favourites on YouTube that will fill the silence hour after hour, without tempting me to waste money on impulse buys.


Today I'm running hours of Miss Marple Mysteries to keep me company. Not really paying attention to the plots, but better than running hours of QVC for "company".



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@SunSprite wrote:

Genuinely curious.....


My Q shopping pretty much came to a grinding halt around the time you went to showing TSV reruns through the overnight hours. I spent some time late last night going over receipts and bank statements and was pretty amazed at the steep decline in my Q spending. 


Not interested in beating the horse carcass, but would really like to know if the amount of money saved by airing reruns has outweighed the loss in revenue.


I'm only one person, but the difference in what I have spent is shockingly substantial......and....I'm a Gemini, so curiosity can really do us in lol. 


(for the record I'm probably considered a QVC cheerleader...loved shopping at the Q, and most of my work wardrobe comes from the Q. Apparently though I'm influenced to buy through actually watching, and not online perusing)

@SunSprite Speak sister,  And you represent us Geminis well.