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I can understand having limited sizes in tops and outerwear because styles changes all the time, but I have to say that for pants it is horrible.  I like Quacker Factory Dream Jeannes and it is nearly impossible to find the basic straight leg jeans in white.  White pants are a basic and they should always be in stock because we are told all the time on the Q that the old rules of wearing white are not relavent anymore, but when you try to find this basic pant in white they are never in stock.  People may want to purchase this pant in winter for a winter warm weather get away or they may decide in July that they need to replenish or repalce some white pants.  Please have a basic such as white pants all year long.  

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They always warn us to buy the white pants when they're in stock because they won't come around again for another year. Production of garment style, color, fabric is arranged far in advance. The machines that created last summers white pants are tied up producing something else now...maybe next summer's pants.