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I ordered 2 pair of Isaac's pedal pushers on May 8.  One pair came in the wrong color.  I sent it back weeks ago and was credited.


I didn't like the fit either and tried to cancel the second pair but could not.  They are STILL in procss, one month and four days later.  And I still can't cancel them.  


Is that nuts?  It's not like they have grandma and a pencil and paper is it?  Don't they have a computer?  Why on earth can't you cancel something over a month "in process?"  It was not backordered.  It is "in process!"

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@Rockycoast56 wrote:

I took a chance on the Q. (Jockey bras. Good price for set of 2) I haven't purchased anything from them since last year.  Silly me.  I'm on day 10 of processing.  Usually don't mind waiting as long as I receive information as to where the item is. Amazon is still for the most part fast shipping and informative before hand if an item will be delivered weeks, a month away.  Not so with QVC. No info on dates at all. I know the Q was bad before the pandemic, now it is just ridiculous. Should have followed my gut and not ordered.

UPDATE...Finally the bras arrived. Nearly a month after I ordered them, but they got here. Unacceptable time frame for shipping to take so long. No need for it.  Don't like them, no support at all. These types of bras are for women with small breasts imo. 

But, I will not be sending them back to the Q. Reading all these posts about how bad returns are and how long it is taking, I'll keep them and just wear them while out gardening or doing things around the house. Not a bra I would wear out in public.

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Shipping times are absolutely utterly ridiculous.  Ordered something on June 5, was supposed to be here by the's now the 16th and I'm still waiting.  And it was shipped from 2 hours away from me!   I could have drove and gotten it the same day!


I used to be able to ship via UPS which is what I always chose even though it cost a bit more.  


I agree this isn't a CoronaVirus issue.  I've ordered many things from other sites after placing this order and have received all of them.


I've been with QVC for many, many years, but I seriously have to rethink shopping with them.  It's okay to charge my account when an item ships IF that item is shipped reasonably.  But it's very unfair to charge my account for a shipped item that takes 15 days to reach me.  Again, from a place 2 hours away!

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Overpriced shipping and handling and pony express waiting. Nope not  for me. I go elsewhere to do my  shopping . QVC lost a good customer in me when I had to wait over three weeks for a pair of IM pants to come to me. No excuse for that. I live  in NJ. I received my order from Amazon in record time from the west coast. And I ordered something from Germany that came quicker then some items from QVC.

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Agree.  Takes forever.