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The new set designs for the fashion shows need to be revamped!  The sets look like  furniture warehouses with mismatched chairs, tables, sofas, etc.  Too much clutter even with the accessories!  Looks like someone's storage locker.  The sets are super distracting - even noticed partial kitchen with living room and dining room furniture spread around.  Come on!  ever hear "less is more'" ??

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Not sure they will get any better anytime soon.

BIG LAYOFFS at QVC have affected all departments.

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I totally agree.  I have felt for a long time that the sets are a mis-mosh of mismatched furniture, pillows, prints, colors, and art work.  They could do a better job of making them attractive and cohesive.

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Yesterday, I saw rolls of toilet paper on a shelf. I think they were presenting home items.

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They are making do with less.  Maybe the set designers were laid off, and random people are making the sets look nice now.

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I ee nothing wrong with their set designs.  I have always thought they were pretty.  

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I think the architectural design, the walls, windows, scenes behind them, extra rooms, and stairways are beautiful, but the furniture styles, rugs, leave a lot to be desired.  


Rarely have I seen a color other than off white, beige, and light gray.  It's all so monotonous.  That may be good as a background for showing dark fabrics, but what about light fabrics?  


Never see any comfy traditional furniture on the set.  What's that all about?


It was pathetic, IMO, last Christmas when they hid a Christmas tree or two decorated in pink in the corners,  often out of camera shot, along with their cold everyday off white and gray decorating style.  Where's the fireplace with a roaring fire, I asked?  One eventually appeared with no fire in it despite QVC was selling Duraflame inserts.  Eventually, we did see fire.  


Maybe, QVC doesn't want us to notice; but it's all part of the viewing experience.  



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I agree regarding QVC's current set designs. They seem very cold and have an industrial vibe. In comparison to the lovely sets from past years, the current sets miss the mark. 

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The thing that sticks out to me is when the sets are dirty or damaged.  Those rolling tables they use to display items in front of the counter where David is demonstrating a frying pan, for example, are often dirty or have paint scraped off or are otherwise damaged.  It always catches my eye when they zoom in on the product and there's a big dent, ding, or scuff mark. They know they're going to be doing a close up on whatever's on that display so why not take some time in advance to clean it or repair it or at least cover it with a table runner or a decorative kitchen towel or something.   And it seems like it has been like that for far longer than the layoffs. 

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Beth! Beth! Where are you?? Isn't this post unkind to QVC set designers??