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Re: Get those sub forums back, and fast!

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Q, you will be loosing posters (which translates to shoppers) really quickly if you don't get the sub forums back. This is too much to sift through if you just want to converse with people about candles only, or recipes only, or Temp-tations only etc.


Please fix this. And get the stuff posted from the last few weeks back up. Where is it?


Plus I think the loss of the sub-categories also messed with my post count.  I lost over 600 posts in my post count.  Which means I can't look back at those missing posts if I choose to.

kzjohnson, I think they announced that post counts would change, as they were only going to go back so far in the old system and move things over. Something to that effect. It makes it hard to tell who has posted more, as it seems all long time posters lost huge numbers of posts.

Thanks mominohio.  I'll admit I didn't read everything that was changing.  All things considered, the forum change is really not that big of a deal.  I know for me, I don't like change...that's my own problem...I own it!  I figured in the next couple of weeks I'll get used to changes and everything will be OK.

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Re: Get those sub forums back, and fast!

completely agree.  This is a total waste of time the way it is currently set up.

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Re: Get those sub forums back, and fast!

Couldn't agree more. This is a disaster. If they decide not to give us the sub forums, then I'm done with this mess. I don't have time to waste to sift through all this stuff.....and if they chose not to, I'm done with this folly. QVC is going to the bottom.
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Re: Get those sub forums back, and fast!

[ Edited ]



Two new members in the delayed grief thread under your new Wellness category spent  time with me posting and replying yesterday, and today all our posts are missing.


If possible please allow this delayed grief thread to keep all posts from inception, as there is vital information listed all over which still does help both new QVC members grieving, as well as former  QVC members who added to the thread but also find themselves grieving again and in need of comfort and support. 


I again thank the QVC Team and Kenai for continuing to include the delayed grief thread with continued comments.


With respect to the QVC Team I have a suggestion to add which I hope will be accepted and implemented which is the following:


All the posts which displayed in that delayed grief category forum should all be included and display, because they all add information which is imperative to comforting, instructing, giving words of hope, listing our individual grief experiences, offering poems of comfort, and  overall just sharing all our personal grief information and how we coped in general.


Please find them all and kindly reinstate them asap, and for everything I include many thanks in advance  to the entire QVC Team for their understanding, compassion and expediency.


P.S  I just love the new Community Forums format, and many thanks for offering it. QVC Team...... Bravo.....Job well done!!!

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Re: Get those sub forums back, and fast!

Agreed.  Nobody wants to wade through mounds of posts about stuff we have no interest in. The best part of the sub-topics was that it was easy NOT to click on them!  


If we can't have sub-topics, then PLEASE add filters so that we can filter by certain key words and never have to see posts related to things that so many of us DO NOT want to read about, like Wen, Clarisonic, etc.

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Re: Get those sub forums back, and fast!

Yes, indeed, please revert to sub-forums for the huge ones like fashion and beauty. It was easier to look at the different brands under the main forums which helps in the buying process.

Also, it doesn't make sense that Community "Chat" is more about gaming, I thought it was more of where to carry a conversation about different topics.

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Re: Get those sub forums back, and fast!

I agree!  I do not want to read every post of every subject just to read what I am interested in.  Do this fast.  Also bring back the edit button.

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Re: Get those sub forums back, and fast!

I couldn't agree more. I do not want to have to read all the linea, or dooney or wen (and many others) obsessed posts, PLEASE, don't make me! I prefer to just go past them.

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Re: Get those sub forums back, and fast!

Wow!  I'm really impressed at how your staff DESTROYED the forums.  Please fire all current technical staff and rehire new people!  I'm not shopping with QVC until the forums return in their prior form!

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Re: Get those sub forums back, and fast!

This is not good at all, QVC!  Not happy!