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Q, I wish you would forget about the video presentations! In the first place it takes longer to load than necessary, the second reason is because it does not show some of the important things about an item. I am referring to B. Markowsky bags and their interiors. I have eye issues and the bizzyness of the leopard interiors really bothers me. I find it extremely difficult to find things in these bags and if I order one; because the video presentation does not give a clear veiw of the interior I end up having to pay shipping to send it back because I HATE that interior so much. The old way showed the interiors plainly, maybe you could offer the videos as a suppliment. Also I wish B. Markowsky would design and y'all would promote a line of bags w/o the bizzy interior like the classic bags he designs. It is hard to know which is which; maybe have a subcatagory for Classic bags or leopard free bags!