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It amazes me how much food they sell with all the excellent meat shops and bakeries in local stores. Still, I occasionally but coffee cakes from QVC as a treat.

@AuntG.  I have to agree with some of the other posters. Not everyone lives near excellent meat shops and bakeries. I happen to have many in my area, but I know people can live long distances from these type of shops.

Not everyone lives in the cities and suburbs.

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I think it's so great you offer fun foods on QVC, but some of them, in my opinion only, are awful, the last order of Corky's ribs were so dry we were choking, and threw the whole package away, and we have done that on more than one occasion. Please take more time and care and research and testing, when it comes to food. Thanks, Aunt Bessie

Why don't u shop for food in ur local area - everyone delivers nowadays.

@kivah "Everyone" may deliver, but they don't deliver everywhere.  

I live in a rual area, and no grocery or restaurant delivers to my neighborhood. We can't even get cable or high-speed must be satellite TV and internet!

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My mother used to cook meat until you couldn't chew it.  lol   It wasn't until I grew up that I realized meat shouldn't be as tough as shoe leather. 

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The food looks disgusting and is overpriced.