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Fire tablet ?

So I ordered  the 2 Fire tablet special, you get a coupon card for free cases but what they don't tell you is cases are never received by the Caseable company you order them from. QVC should not even send the card out to customers.

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Re: Fire tablet ?

You order them thru the Caseable site but they are from different designers and manufacturers.  I ordered 2 and received one within a week but the other case is manufactured in China and because of the government shutdown, the shipping is taking longer.  I'm pleased with the case that I already received.  I guess I don't really understand why you think QVC shouldn't send the free card to customers. 

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Re: Fire tablet ?

@Cjv. You are absolutely correct.  We've heard one complaint after another about the non-receipt of those cases.  They need to discontinue the promotion rather than anger customers over it.

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