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Why are most things that QVC sells “faux??” This used to be the place to go for suede or leather jackets and shoes. QVC had cotton flannel sheets, quilts galore and wool winter wear. Now most everything is fake! If not for the Irish wool sweaters there would be only fake wool. Fabrics are mostly polyester or some synthetic fabric, even the shoes and boots are fake leather if not totally at least in part!! There is no shortage of leather, cotton, or wool so why is everything fake? The prices sure are not lower. This has to be a decision by the stock holders or those that they have hired. Really sad to see what has happened to this place.
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More and more people these days would rather buy/wear faux leather to be cruelty free.


I buy cruelty free everything whenever possible.

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Because I don’t want to wear anything that can’t be machine washed.
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I love natural fabrics, but I don't support cruelty...therefor I actually prefer faux in some items.  Faux down....yes, please.  Just my opinion/lifestyle.

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Re: Faux everything!

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The price of materials has escalated rapidly.  The average Q Shopper is not willing to pay the going rate of $300+ for a leather jacket.  Same for cotton.  Many people prefer the softness of the poly fleece sheets.


The stockholders don't make merchandising or any operational decisuons.  Yes, prices have gone up that much.

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I find the fabrics QVC sells to be the same mix available every place I shop.



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I don't buy QVC clothing and shoes.  I absolutely will not buy plastic shoes, bags and clothing and household items.


These garbage fabrics are ruining our earth. When you wash polyester, plastic particles break away and end up in our waterways.  It is killing our marine life.

Most of this stuff ends up in landfills and is estimated to be there for hundreds of years.  We think if we donate it, that it is okay to buy...we don't have to deal with disposal.


Most donated clothing never gets worn.  Most is disposed of.  And, the most of what is shipped to poor countries gets thrown into their landfills. Check out the mountains of donated clothing online.


I understand not wanting to be cruel to animals, but by buying this faux stuff  we are doing more harm to our planet,  our human health and animals and resources like our water and farm land.


The reason QVC is selling faux junk is because it is cheap, has a high profit margin and people are buying it.

You can always google to see what I am saying is true.  We need to do something about this before it is too late.  This is super serious stuff.



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There's more to it than what we see on the surface.


Besides women preferring lower prices and wash and wear, it might have started in the 1920's when DuPont discovered nylon calling it the "Miracle Fiber."  They pushed synthetics hard pointing out only the negatives of natural fibers; higher cost, not machine washable, needs ironing, making it difficult for natural fibers to compete in the marketplace. 


The marketing campaigns continue today.  How many times do QVC hosts say something is washable, doesn't need ironing?  


Those of us preferring natural fabrics are in the minority now.  Not enough money to be made on us.  



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@Carmie I agree with your observations.  Some many clothes are made from viscose, rayon, synthetic fleece, and inexpensive cashmere that have led to deforestation in Indonesia, the Amazon, and Canada, along with and negative impacts in Mongolian.  More sustainable fabrics that are traceable will not be appealing to many QVC customers.  How many are willing to pay 4K-8K for a shearling coat; 1500-6,000 for cashmere coats; 500-2000 for cashmere sweaters; 300-500 for cotton blouses? My guess would be not many.  Fast fashion has contributed to the problems as well.

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@Kachina624    I don't mind faux products at all but where I do draw the line is my bed sheets.  I like cotton only because I sleep hot.  I cannot deal with (and I have tried) blended or microfiber sheets.  I know however it is getting more difficult to find 100% cotton sheets and when you do they are getting more expensive.   I used to find good deals  at Home Goods on cotton sheets but not as of late