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I hope “Beth from Customer Service” will see this and pass this on.

When you sell the HP computers in all the wonderful colors it would great if we could get a wireless mouse the same color.

Some customers still prefer a wired mouse also.

I recently bought the last HP TSV in the rose gold and I can not find any rose gold mouse that matches the laptop. There are many other colors but no rose gold that are in a reasonable price range in a name brand I recognize.

With the elegant colors of gold and the rose gold I would love one that matches as nicely as my laptop.



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That is a great suggestion...will certainly pass this on to our electronics buyers.This may take a while to achieve as we are not really seeing the color diversity in mouses (mice?) as we are in the laptops themselves. Nevertheless, a great marketing idea!

Beth QVC

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Thanks Beth. A matching mouse pad would be a nice accessory along with the matching mouse as a set. Smiley Happy