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Please consider offering 2 easy pays.  Price of food has really increased but I don't want to pay for 4 or 5 months for something I ate months ago.  I would order much more if I had a choice of 2 payments. HSN has it and hope you will consider it

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I agree, I won't buy something on 5 Easy Pays....anything.

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I agree. With HSN, I normally either outright pay or use 2 pay. I think QVC is hoping that you'll order more if you only have to pay $5 or so a month on each item. No, I don't do that. I think 4 or 5 pay should be for items over $100. Not $20 or $30. 

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It doesn't matter to me the amount of Easy Pays. For those who return items often, why would you tie up $50 instead of $10? When you receive the item and plan to keep it, just pay off as many of the Easy Pays as you want.
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You can do that yourself, just go to your account & make several payments or pay the balance off...easy peasy. I buy everything with easy pay, then pay the balance off immediately if I'm keeping the item....if I need to return I'm not waiting for a full price refund. I use easy pay to my advantage & it works great.

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One of the main reasons I signed up for the Q Card was because it promised the option of three Easy Pays on every item. In the early years with the card, this feature was very helpful with large purchases and around Christmastime when I had multiple purchases. But over the past two years, they've done away with that option and basically only offer five or six Easy Pays on everything, which I'm rarely interested in selecting.


Although it is true that you can pay off the balance of any item at any time, it's just an extra step I don't want to have to manage. It really would be great to have a variety of options to choose from in cases where I may need or want Easy Pay (or at least to also have the three-pay option when using my Q Card).

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go in an pay whatever you want.  


you do not have to use the whole pay number available.


make a 6 pay into 3 pay by paying 2 each time


make a 6 pay into 2 pay by paying 3 each time




i am always wondering what i am missing when i see these posts.

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I gave up on HSN some years ago and have never seen anything that makes me want to return although if I were still living part of my life in the Northeast, I probably would try an outfit from Marla because recently I have seen some designs that might actually work for me.    

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I always wonder about people who make a big deal of easy pay. You know you have choices and not everyone thinks this is a problem. It is an option to customers. As many have stated, you can pay your easy pay off anytime you choose or not use it. 

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The only way I would use Easy Pay is to purchase an item that I was concerned that it might have to be returned.  I've never used Easy Pay....if it was a matter of not being able to afford it as one payment, I just would not purchase the item.  A major that is something to look forward to....Easy Pay, not so much.