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Please consider holding Easy Pay for longer than an hour, as on today’s Lori Goldstein show.  I can never watch a show live, and I was prevented from buying a jacket on easy pay, as the 1hour offer had expired! It was not affordable without easy pay!

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Personally I wasn't aware Q ever offered only a one hour ez=pay.  Doesn't sound fair nor reasonable.  One day - I get.  Gee, if you have to take a love one to the doctors - have a dentist appt - or pick a kid up from somewhere = = you're out of luck I guess.  One hour = dumb idea and why?   (check LOGO clearance section - they need all the sales they can get!)

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@fthuntIn a way, that one hour limit harkens back to QVC the way it was years ago.  I worked then and frequently missed all kinds of deals.


I didn't realize QVC was still doing that -  most of the EZPay offers now seem to be for the rest of the day.


The technique reminds me of so many Macy's ads with prices good for a few hours and then going up 

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I buy quite a bit on QVC, but I don't want easy pay.  Ever!  If I can't pay for it when the bill comes, It's not something I have to have.  I wish there was a way that my purchasing preferences could be recognized when I buy something so I don't have to go through the full checkout process on line.  It's even more of a pain if I buy by phone.  This should be an easy fix.

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I agree.  Its just a way to make you buy more stuff! Those "easypays" can turn out to not be so easy when the credit card bill comes in. I resent that QVC tries to make it your first choice.